2014 May

The 2014 Academy Presents…

The aristocracy was a class of nobility, wealth and privilege of the highest social order, the cream of the crop. Their wealth was abundant and had no qualms in displaying their pomp and splendor.  Life for the aristocratic was a garish display of worth and arrogance, rife with ceremony to exhibit one’s wealth and command over all other classes. Countless rituals of dinner parties, functions, and balls were the norm.  The grander the occasion, the more opulent the display and level of importance. The Academy imagines a day in the life of these privileged aristocrats – their worldy ostentation, idle pleasures, and frivolity. To be born into such decadence!  What a wonderful world it must be…

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Memorial Day Season Preview

Monday, May 26th is Memorial Day, when The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps hosts its annual Season Preview Event.  Highlighting each of the sections of the corps, the afternoon features live performances, food, auctions, and raffle giveaways.   $8 admission.  Former members of any drum and bugle corps can bring their old corps jacket and get in for FREE!  In addition to The Academy performing excerpts of their 2014 production, the event will showcase The Academy Youth Guard and Academy Alumni reunion Project performing for the first time. Tickets are available at the door.  Join us for this 12th annual event.

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