2015 March

The Academy Alumni Association – March (RE)cap

Alumni and Friends, Hello, my name is Joshua Westergard. For those who don’t know me I marched cymbals from 2003-2006. As a current Alumni Board member we have been working to keep all alumni up to date on current events with The Academy DBC. March Camp Camp was held at Combs High School in San Tan Valley. Drill Dots were given and Drill was being learned.       ​ Truck Update: Alumni Donations are coming in Hot. The Last Day to donate might be April 25th. You might even see your name in the truck at the Memorial Day Concert. Hurry before it is too late. http://www.arizonaacademy.org/1764 Website: Check Out The Academy Alumni Section on the link below: http://www.arizonaacademy.org/programs/alumni Center Stage Videos: Videos are coming in and are Due May 17th** ***Due to time restraints with our editor, we have moved the deadline for alumni videos to May 17th,…

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The Academy Alumni Association – February (RE)cap

Alumni and Friends,  Hello all!  My name is Kelli Duncan and I am a board member for your Academy Alumni Association.  For those of you who don’t know me, I marched baritone with The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps from 2008 through 2011.  I decided to run with the whole music thing and I graduated from ASU last year with my degree and have been teaching and working in the Valley ever since!  Here is this month’s alumni recap:   Super Bowl XLIX: As you well know, our biggest event in February was performing at Super Bowl XLIX!  The Super Bowl ensemble had a blast performing their set several times around Glendale’s University of Phoenix Stadium and attracted quite an audience!  Since the performance, The Academy has seen a spike in popularity since our performance, having been featured in several media outlets. Here are some highlights from the big day:…

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