2016 August

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Drum Corpse Bride PROPS & COSTUMES for Sale!

Did you LOVE our 2016 production, Drum Corpse Bride?  Your interest in the production might have come from our wonderful costumes, props, and silks that helped to tell our love story of an unusual kind.  Still available are some of materials used in the production. Perfect for your next winter or fall production, take a look at what may be able to enhance your visual design for high school, college, or independent groups. Contact us right away to secure your order for this limited supply of used equipment. email@arizonaacademy.org / 480-838-4203 Drum Corpse Bride Costumes The colorguard performers in this year’s show wore costuming designed and produced by Michael Cesario and Fred J. Miller, Inc.  We have available 14 male sets which include pants, jacket, vest/sleeves, and tie.   Also available are 26 female costumes.  Starting price is $150 per male and $100 per female set.  Interested in buying the entire…

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