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Obtaining and Using Grocery Store Gift Cards PDF Print E-mail

    Purchase through Academy. The only way to benefit The Academy is to purchase the Fry's gift cards and Bashas’ Community Support cards through The Academy. To place an online order, click here. Cards may be purchased in person at Booster meetings, most camps, and from the souvenir booth.

    Initial balance. Each card starts with $10 on it, which is the amount paid to The Academy for the card. The purchaser receives the full face value.

    Recharging the card.

    You may recharge (reload) the card as often as desired.

    Cards may be recharged in the grocery stores, by either Customer Service or the cashier.  In some Fry’s stores, it may take approximately 15 minutes for recharges done by Customer Service to become effective.  If you recharge at checkout, be sure to do so before the clerk begins scanning your groceries.

    Recharges may be made by using a credit card (it’s a great way to earn rewards points on your credit card), debit card, check or cash.

    Fry’s and Bashas’ give The Academy 6% of the amount you load on your card, which is how The Academy benefits from the program. For example, putting $100 on your card will trigger a donation of $6 by the store to The Academy – but you will be able to use the gift card to purchase a full $100 in groceries from the store.

    Checking the balance.  The balance on your card is shown at the bottom of the latest receipt received from the clerk, and can be checked by the store.

    Store locations.  Fry’s gift cards are accepted in all of the Kroger chain of stores throughout the U.S.  See here for state-by-state lists.  Friends and family can benefit The Academy by using Fry’s gift cards, purchased through The Academy, at any Kroger-affiliated store.  Bashas’ cards are honored at AJ’s Fine Foods and Food City, in addition to Bashas’ grocery stores.

    Non-refundable.  Cards that are lost or stolen will not be replaced. The only way to redeem amounts loaded on the card is to use the card to pay for groceries and other items at the store. Treat the card like cash and don’t carry a high balance.

    Eligible and excluded items.  The gift cards can be used to purchase virtually all items sold by either Bashas’ stores or the Kroger family of stores, including fuel at stores that have gas stations. There are a few exceptions, such as lottery tickets.

    Replacement cards.  If the card stops working (for example, if the magnetic strip wears out), obtain a replacement card through The Academy and have the balance on the old card transferred to the new card.

    Record the card number. As a precaution, write down the number of your card that is linked to The Academy and keep that number in a safe place.


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