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WOW! In the third quarter of 2013, over 50 families and individuals raised over $1,000 for The Academy.  Thank each of you for choosing The Academy as your designated charity for the Fry's Community Rewards Program.  Each time you swiped your Fry's VIP Reward Card for groceries, and gift cards, you helped us.  We are on pace for almost $5,000 in support through the Fry's Community Rewards Program.

And, as great as this is, we think we can do even better!  For those of you participating, again, thank you.  Can you tell your friends and families to join and make The Academy their chosen charity?

And if you are receiving this and have not yet had the opportunity to designate The Academy as your charity with the Fry's Community Rewards Program, will you please consider helping us today?

Below, we have included more information on how to connect your Fry's VIP Rewards Card to The Academy TODAY!

Thanks again for all your support for The Academy!

fryslogo.jpgAs many of you know, Fry's Grocery Stores changed their rewards program as of August 1, 2013.  While the new Community Rewards Program has an opportunity to provide much needed donations for The Academy, unfortunately, benefits can no longer be tracked to a single user or a single gift card or a single participant in our programs or ensembles.  Also, Kroger VIP Cards from other states can no longer be linked to an Arizona charity like The Academy.  The amount of our donation from Fry's will be determined by how many Arizonan's we have using their VIP Cards for The Academy!

We are asking you to help us in the Community Rewards program by choosing us as your designated Charity donation.

Here's how to link The Arizona Academy of the Performing Arts to your Fry's VIP card.

1.      If you don't have a Fry's VIP card, stop in at your neighborhood Fry's store and ask for one.  Fry's VIP members have specials, coupons and fuel savings associated with their VIP card.  It's a worthwhile tool and it costs you nothing.

2.     Go to

3.     If you do not yet have a Fry's Online Account, choose the link on the web page or go to and create one.  NOTE:  You will need your Fry's VIP Card so you can enter the number on the back of the card.  This will help you load online coupons and fuel points onto your VIP Card.

4.     Log into your Fry's VIP card account using the email address and passcode you set up previously.

5.     In Box #1 type in Arizona Academy and choose the Search button.

6. Choose Arizona Academy of the Performing Arts  P.O. Box 11926, Tempe, AZ - Organization Number 80159

7.     Choose the Save button.

8.     Under the Community Rewards section of your Account, you should now see us.  When you use your VIP card for groceries, fuel rewards, coupons, etc., you will also be raising money for The Academy!  There are no more Grocery Gift Cards to fill.  Just swipe your VIP Rewards Card when you make your purchases and you will be benefitting The Academy each time you shop!

9.     Next August, you will need to re-select us as your charity of choice.  That's it!  Thank you, from The Arizona Academy of the Performing Arts and The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps!

Bashas' Gift Card Program:

Gift cards from Bashas’ grocery stores are a year-round program which helps us raise funds while you do your grocery and other shopping.

  • groceries.jpgParticipation in the grocery cards program costs you nothing more than you already spend at the grocery stores that issue the cards. You get dollar-for-dollar what you pay in.
  • Both cards are ordered through The Academy. Each card starts with $10 on it and you recharge it as often as necessary. Then use the card to make purchases at these stores.
  • Bashas' gives The Academy 6% of every dollar you load onto your card. This is how we benefit from the program.
  • Bashas' cards are honored at Bashas’ grocery stores, AJ's Fine Foods and Food City.


Order your card online here!

For additional information about obtaining and using the grocery gift cards, click here.

Trigger additional contributions by Bashas’ at no extra cost

Under Bashas’ Shop & Give Program, if you simply link your Bashas’ Thank You Card to The Academy, Bashas’ will contribute to The Academy 1% of all of your purchases at Bashas’ through April 30.  For more information, click here.  Ask your family and friends to sign up for Shop & Give and pay for purchases at Bashas’ with a Community Support Card obtained through The Academy so that The Academy will receive a total of 7% of the purchases!!


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